Please allow us to introduce to you our Company, “B.L.B. Baltic Terminal”.


The JSC “B.L.B. Baltic Terminal” has been established since 1994. It is located on the territory of the Freeport of Riga, Latvia, and has the status of a “free economic zone”. It is a liquid petroleum product terminal. The terminal area is 153185m2, it has two berths with the drafts of 9.05 and 8.0 meters that can accommodate the 184-meter-long tanker ships. The tank farm storage capacity is 70000 tons, with installations allowing to refine / operate up to five segregated grades simultaneously. Transshipment part of the terminal consists of two locomotives and seven kilometers of railways that can accommodate 325 rail tank cars, and with pipework allowing simultaneous discharge from 92 rail tank cars to the shore tanks or directly to the ship. The terminal has a fully autonomous heating station, allowing uninterrupted cargo heating with steam up to 70ᵒC around the year, in local weather conditions. The maximum pumping rate (to the ship) of the heated dark clean petroleum product is 2500 m3/h.


BLB Terminal has accepted health, safety and environment awareness as its priority principle of work. All activities of BLB Terminal are arranged in view of protection of the environment, and BLB Terminal has made sustain ability and protection of the environment one of its primary performance criteria. The successful past of BLB Terminal in safety is an indicator showing that environmental awareness has gone deep in recognition for all employees from top to bottom. The primary target of BLB Terminal is to prevent the risk factors to occur on the subject of environment and safety:

  • Regular health, safety and environment awareness trainings are provided to all employees in BLB Terminal;
  • Operational procedures are developed in a way to minimise all risks;
  • In addition to training and maintenance activities, measures taken are constantly observed by nominated health, safety and environment supervisors.


BLB Terminal is very careful about environmental protection, and acts in awareness that health, safety and environment awareness is not only a responsibility to the future and the community, but also a factor in way of operation in all of its works from follow-up of storage, transportation and distribution activities to waste management, emission control and regular maintenances. In this context, BLB Terminal targets at the following in order protect and safeguard and its assets and people:

  • Prevention of sea pollution,
  • Providing safe working environments and avoiding any work accidents that the employees may suffer;
  • Avoiding occupational diseases in all areas of the locations it is active;
  • Permanent development in line with legal conditions with its increasing operational potential.


The JSC “B.L.B. Baltic Terminal” is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. The terminal is certified by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. The terminal environmental procedures are controlled by environmental control institutions of the city of Riga, which additionally includes network of fixed cargo vapor/odor detectors. The terminal has its own fire extinguishing system & station, additional to city fire brigades.


The Safety Management System of the “B.L.B. Baltic Terminal” is being constantly reviewed, and is kept at the high level in accordance with the industry standards. The JSC “B.L.B. Baltic Terminal” hadn't had any incidents connected with the technological process, or environmental aspects, or personnel for the last seven years - which we are very proud of.


We always look forward for beneficial relationship together and success to all concerned.






B.L.B. Baltic Terminal

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